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Sharing their Stories: Grateful Patients │Caring Donors

Every donor has a reason for giving. Every patient has a story to tell. Share your story to inspire others.

Grateful Patients

Sharing your story about your positive experience with our highly-skilled medical professionals, team of dedicated nurses, caring administrators or the quality services received is a great way to encourage others to talk about their journey or be inspired to seek the necessary medical care when most needed. When more people share stories of recovery or offer suggestions to overcome struggles, it helps more than you might realize or ever know.

Caring Donors

Giving feels good! We deeply appreciate every financial and in-kind donor who give a gift of any size or any reason. Donating financial support is the purposefully act of ensuring our hospitals and medical facilities have the resources needed to deliver high-quality, trusted and safe services and programs. Behind each gift is a caring reason. Sharing your story about why you became a caring donor encourages others to donate. The power of giving is multiplied with each expression of care.

“It Just Feels Good.”

We welcome you to share your story as a Grateful Patient or Caring Donor. Please complete the form below and submit to Domanique Burnard, Development Associate. A member of the UM Capital Region Health Foundation Office or UM Capital Region Health Marketing & Public Affairs Department will contact you to express our sincere appreciation and obtain the required State of Release necessary to share your story with others. Please only provide us with information you are comfortable sharing in the future with visitors to our website and general audiences. If you are interested to be featured in one of our Grateful Patient or Caring Donor video series, please also mention your willingness below. Thank you for trusting us to care for you or loved one, or to use your generous contribution wisely.