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Our committees involve all who care to join in a giving and learning process that makes a difference in our healthcare services and the residents of the county.

This Women’s Giving Circle is a member-driven organization that derives its strength from effectively integrating the talents, expertise, and energies of its dynamic and diverse members. The Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) is led by a chair elected every two years by the membership and a staff filled co-chair position and co-chair leads for each committee. Responsible for oversight of the WGC’s affairs and its relationship with the University of Maryland Capital Region Health Foundation (UM Capital Foundation), the WGC chair and co-chair conduct monthly with all co-chair leads of the committees.

The WGC provides an opportunity for its members to connect to each other, to the community and to the women’s healthcare initiatives they support. Joining a committee is a wonderful way to become involved in the work of the Women’s Giving Circle and to build relationships with other members. 

Members of WGC can choose to serve on one or more of the following committees.  Please know that we recognize that many people are not comfortable with in-person interaction so we have added a virtual component. All meetings and site visits will offer an option to participate virtually. 




The Communications Committee works with both the education and membership committees to communicate the work of the WGC to prospective and current members, non-profit organizations, and the Prince George’s County community at large. The committee submits 2 topics to be included in quarterly newsletters and virtual and in-person event discussions. Committee work includes submitting already drafted content to these organizations, newspapers, radio stations or social media blogs for awareness, recruitment and promotion of WGC. This committee meets monthly.



The Education Committee is assists in presenting which programs will be considered for support by WGC, planning summits, webinars as well as educational events. Through research and meetings with community leaders, the group identifies speakers for the WGC and other subcommittees.  This committee meets bi-monthly.



The Membership Committee is a group of hard working and enthusiastic women who work to support our current members and plan events to encourage prospective members to join. This committee plans and implements strategies to recruit new WGC members and help increase member retention, solicitation mailings, assisting with the onboarding of new members, and other engagement activities. Collaborate with Communication Committee on events when appropriate. This committee meets monthly.





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