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We are proud of the numerous acts of kindness our One Team exhibits each and every day toward our patients, their families, among employees and within our Boards of Directors. These acts of kindness translates into best outcomes, sharing of new ideas, high-impact governance, implementing better approaches to our work as a team and moving closer to our vision as UM Capital Region Health.
The promise to deliver quality medical services and health programs to our community is made even stronger by supporting the UM Capital Region Health Foundation in a personal way, which in turns, benefit our medical facilities over and above already planned resources.
Pledge a gift to your preferred foundation and be counted among the contributors to our inaugural 2017 Employee & Leadership Giving Campaigns!

Making a pledge or gift is easy a 1, 2, or 3. Choose one of the methods below

  1. Mail-In Gift. Donate by check or money order. Download, fill-in and mail your gift with the 2017 Employee Giving Campaign form.
  2. Payroll Deductions. Donate through a one-time or re-occurring payroll deductiosn. Complete the Online Payroll Pledge Form.
  3. On-Line Donations. To make a secured one-time or re-occurring donation using your credit card, click on Donate.

All donations are acknowledged with your total giving for the calendar year for tax purpose, if applicable. Please consult your tax adviser on charitable deductions.

Payroll Deductions Add Up! Here is an example of what our ONE TEAM can achieve!

Determine your gift pledge shown below or determine your own level and sign up!
Pledge or Give.  Payroll deductions start with payroll #1 in 2017.

Examples provided are for 13 payroll weeks only to illustrate the power of giving!

$5 $65 500 $32,500
$10 $130 500 $65,000
$20 $260 200 $52,000
$40 $520 75 $39,000


You may change or cancel your donation at any time by sending written notice to UM Capital Region Health Foundation foundations@umcapitalregion.org. You will be informed of the last payroll deduction and stop date.

 Other ways to support the UM Capital Region Health Foundation:

  1. Legacy Giving. Establish a planned gift that provides for future donation through your Will /Estate Plans or one of the many tax-beneficial planned giving programs. For more information, click here.
  2. Special Events. Join us at one of our special events by purchasing a ticket, sponsoring the event, participating, or by volunteering your time. For more information, click here.
  3. Memorial Giving. Make a gift in memory of a family member or friend, or in honor of a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, or holiday gift. To make a Memorial Gift, click Donate Now.

Thank you ONE TEAM for your support!