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The difference between charity and philanthropy is the distance of soul. . . . To be philanthropic is to give something, to be charitable is to give one’s own heart.” -Maya Angelou


Welcome to a New Era
in Women's Health for Residents of Prince George's County and the Region

The Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) is comprised of women who are passionate about their healthcare. We care about improving health outcomes for everyone in Prince George’s County and the surrounding area through collective philanthropy.  Members support existing and future initiatives for women of all ages, at every stage of their life.

Inspiring women to be strategic philanthropists and to invest in improving the quality of healthcare for women in Prince George’s County and the surrounding area.

To make a lasting impact through a legacy of collective giving by women and to shape the future of healthcare for women in Prince George’s County and the surrounding areas.

Our Goals:

   -To provide sustainable philanthropic support for women’s health initiatives.

   -To encourage collective giving among women with shared values and to                              celebrate women in philanthropy.

   -To recruit a membership that reflects the communities we serve.

   -To advocate and inform others about opportunities for participating in philanthropy               through the UM Capital Region Health Foundation.

   -To effectively steward the charitable dollars entrusted to the Women’s Giving Circle.

Make your donation today!

Why Become a Member of the Women's Giving Circle?

The WGC brings together women who are effective collaborators, who give generously and who bring people together to learn about issues affecting women and girls in Prince George’s County and the surrounding areas. 

As a member of the WGC, your involvement will include:

·         Collective Philanthropy – Give as a group, the achievements will have a greater                      collective impact.

·         Business Networking -  Enhance and expand your professional relationships.

·         Education Opportunities – Learn about health initiatives affecting women.

·         Leadership Development – Lead a WGC committee or special project.

·         Community Engagement – Reach the most important needs of women of all ages, at              every stage of their life in our community – together.

By becoming a member and a caring donor, you lift up an entire community of women.



Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) and the states restrictions, we have had to make adjustments to the previous membership benefits.
Updated benefits packages by March 6, 2021. 



Improved outcomes for Women's Health in Prince George's County begin with You.

In April 2019 UM Capital Region Health is officially launching the first initiative of the Women's Giving Circle, the "1000 for $1000" Campaign. Join us in 2021 for a special unveiling of the unique and inspiring Women's Giving Circle donor recognition wall in the new Women's Health and Labor & Delivery Unit.

For more information on our Women's Giving Circle and the 1,000 for $1,000 Campaign, special events or to make your donation

Contact: Tiffini Gillespie | Development Associate | P: 240-456-2934


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